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No. When you invest in our unit trusts, there is no fixed amount that you need to commit to for a set investment period. It’s your investment - you decide how much, when and how you would like to invest.

You can:

  • Set up a monthly debit order of R500 or more which you can change, stop and restart as your needs change.
  • Start with a once-off lump sum (minimum R20 000) or
  • Add a smaller lump sum (R500 or more) with your debit order.

Once your investment has started, you can add lump sums of R500 or more at any time.

How much your investment grows depends on how much return your unit trust earns, which depends on the performance of the underlying investments that the investment manager chooses. You buy units in a unit trust.  You can buy more units whenever you want to, or you can leave your units to grow. You can see your investment balance online if you log into your online account, and we will send you a statement once a quarter.

The fees depend on the unit trust you select. When you invest in Allan Gray unit trusts our investment management and administration fees are charged within our unit trusts and deducted before we publish the unit trust’s performance. This means that no fees come off your initial investment, and no additional fees are deducted from your investment balance as you go along. The return you see is what you get.

Learn more about unit trusts on our Investment Education website.

Watch a 49sec video explaining what a unit trust is

A unit trust is a type of investment that provides easy and affordable access to financial markets. Your money is combined with the money of other investors and our investment managers use the pool of money to buy underlying investments, such as equities, bonds, cash and property, depending on the unit trust objective. The unit trust is split into equal portions called 'units' that are allocated to you according to the amount of money you invest and the price of the units on the day you buy them.

Unit trusts have a number of benefits:

  • You can benefit from our investment management expertise by investing R500 a month or more in our unit trusts.
  • You buy units in the unit trust of your choice, you decide when and how many units to buy and you own the units until you decide to sell them.

Watch a 30sec video explaining the key benefits of a unit trust

You can make a withdrawal from your investment online, via your secure account, at any time. It takes three to five days for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Unit trusts are also often referred to as ‘funds’, or as ‘portfolios of collective investment schemes’. Legally, all unit trusts must have the word ‘Fund’ in the name, e.g. Allan Gray Balanced Fund. However, since the word ‘fund’ refers to different things, for example retirement fund, we prefer to use the term ‘unit trust’.


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