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Inflation affects the buying power of your money.
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Each year, the cost of goods and services goes up, and so the buying power of your money decreases. This is known as inflation. What you can buy with R100 today is not the same as what you will be able to buy with R100 in a number of years.

In today’s terms, your investment will be worth R0.

This is meaningfully more than what your money would be worth if you didn’t invest it.

How much will you invest each month?

You choose how much you want to invest monthly (min R500) and can increase, decrease, stop and restart your contributions whenever you want to.

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How much will you increase your contributions by each year?

Every year, consider increasing your contributions to (at least) keep up with inflation.

Are you investing a lump sum?

You can start investing with a single lump sum of R20 000 and can add to this at any time.
Alternatively, you can invest monthly (min R500).

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How many years do you intend to invest for?

The longer you invest, the more potential return you earn both on your original investment, and on its growth.
Compound interest, or return on return, takes time.

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What is your investment objective?

Your investment growth comes from the unit trust(s) you are invested in. Remember that investment returns don’t come in a straight line. This means that the value of your investment may go up and down, which is known as fluctuation.

Higher growth
More fluctuation

Investment time horizon more than 5 years

Steady growth
Some fluctuation

Investment time horizon more than 3 years

Lower growth
Less fluctuation

Investment time horizon at least 2 years

Low growth
Very low fluctuation

Investment time horizon approximately 1 year
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  • Investment objective

    Steady growth

    Higher growth,
    More fluctuation

    Steady growth,
    Some fluctuation

    Lower growth,
    Less fluctuation

    Low growth,
    Very low fluctuation

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